Special Z Games is for unstoppable people determined to show the world what they can do, with or without special needs.

Let’s create better opportunities NOW!

A post-apocalyptic, zombie fun mud run in Santa Cruz County, Special Z Games was created to bring awareness and build bridges to the issues faced within society, school systems and community agencies for children and adults with special needs.

Together we can make a positive change!

Special Z Games and Special Z Foundation want to improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities! With your participation and volunteerism, we can create positive change.

Come help us make a difference!

Proceeds will be donated from the Special Z Games event to the Special Z Foundation,  a non pro-fit organization so that families facing financial challenges can apply for scholarships to help with their child’s or adult’s current special needs.

Runners will have to get down and dirty to make it to the finish line of our fun run, encountering obstacles along the way. Zombies will roam the course, creating the perfect post-apocalyptic zombie atmosphere. Don’t worry, Zombieteers are only for show, not to scare you.