What is it?

Special Z Games is a post-apocalyptic, zombie fun mud run. Special Z Games has been created to bring awareness and build bridges to the issues faced within society, school systems and community agencies for children and adults with special needs.

Who are the Organizers?

PACES (Parental Advocacy for Children in Exceptional Situations) is an advocacy group that works with families who have children with special needs, experiencing significant suspensions, expulsion from school or cannot even get their child assessed by the public school system because they get denied or told they have to go through a Student Study Team, 504 plan before the school will even consider special education services or programming. They offer services from consultations, IEPs, and behavioral support plans, among other supports coast to coast and in other countries thanks to technology. Visit www.paces.solutions for more information.

Why was Special Z Games created?

Special Z Games is a metaphorical world created to promote a healthy lifestyle, get family and friends out to support each other and create awareness to the issues faced within society, school systems and community agencies for children and adults with special needs.  The school system functions as a pack of zombies, chasing students throughout their education with the power to strike them down or hold them back from progress. But we can overcome these monsters! We can make positive changes, but we have to get active.


Is it for someone like me?

Absolutely! Special Z Games are for anyone who has ever been touched by the failure of our public school system to address learning! The 5K course is untimed and obstacles that pose a problem can be skipped. If you are still not sure the run is right for you, register as a Zombieteer.

Do I have to be really athletic? Do I need special training?

Our goal is to bring awareness to the problems special needs children and adults face in our society. Our second goal is to have a lot of fun. Participants may find that they enjoy the event more with a little training, but it is not required. The event can be walked and is untimed.

Are there prizes?

Everyone who participates will get a medal! YEAH!!

What kind of clothes should I wear? Do you help with costumes?

Every participant will get a bib at registration to start. Wear clothes that are comfortable to run in and take on the Zombie theme. Make-up is highly encouraged and each person determines his or her “Zombie or Zombie Killer look!”

How long will it take to complete?

The Zombie mud run is a 5k. Depending on your speed it could take less than an hour or more than an hour. Everyone gets to go at his or her own pace.

What if I need a break during the 5K?

Each person can take as many breaks as they need. There will be multiple water tables and medical support throughout the 5k Zombie mud run.

If I can’t complete a particular challenge, can I still continue with the event?

Yes, absolutely! People can walk around any challenge that they do not feel comfortable exploring. There is no judgment; each person determines his or her own challenge throughout the Zombie Mud Run.

How do I register?

Simply click the “Register” button. This will take you through the registration and payment process.

Can I register at the door of the event?

Yes! Registration will be open up to the start of the event, but early Zombie registration is much cheaper.

Is there a minimum or maximum age to participate? Are there separate events across age groups?

No. This event is zombie-fun for all ages.

If I register and pay but something changes and I can’t attend?

Sorry, there are no refunds or transfers on tickets.

What is included in the registration price?

Registration accesses you to a Post Apocalyptic Zombie Fun Mud Run that will give you and your family and friends a complete outlet and a voice to let people know how hard it is to live with a disability.

Is there a Zombie Hoard discount? Can we register to play as a team?

Yes!!!! There are group rates for 5 or more people and the price decreases the larger your group becomes. You must all sign up together.

Are refreshments provided?

Yes. Water is provided free of charge.

Can I be a Zombieteer? What do Zombieteers do?

YES!!! We need a lot of Zombieteers. Email zombie@specialzgames.com to sign up to be a Zombieteer. Zombieteers create the post-apocalyptic atmosphere to encourage our runners and drive home the metaphorical message of how the public school system denies and delays services and programming for our children with special needs.

Will pictures of the event be posted to event webpage and social media?


Is there a charge for spectators?


Is there a fee for parking?

Not this year 2016. Maybe next.

What will happen in bad weather?

The Zombie Fun Mud Run will happen rain or shine!

Will there be first aid and assistance stations available on site?

Yes. Medical assistance will be available throughout the entire 5K and at the spectator areas.

Are there any local hotels associated with the event that will discount my stay?


Will the results of the event be posted online?


Where can I purchase Special Z Games Mud Run gear and merchandise?

Visit our store to purchase the official Special Z Games Mud Run gear and merchandise and help us spread the word about the event.