Students with special needs face incredible challenges when it comes to getting the help they need from public school systems. Are you ready to stand together against the post-apocalyptic environment our students face every day in school?

“Special Z Games is not for the weak or frail. It’s for unstoppable people determined to show the world what they can do, with or without special needs.”

San Jose, California, January, 23rd, 2015- Special Z Games is a metaphorical world created to promote a healthy lifestyle, get family and friends out to support each other and create awareness. Currently the public school system is a post-apocalyptic world where Zombies (The System) are killing our children’s’ drive with special needs to learn, parents and guardians ability to navigate the public school systems, and stop our children’s’ creativity from blooming. The school systems function as a pack of zombies, chasing students throughout their education with the power to strike them down or hold them back from progress. But we can overcome these metaphorical monsters! We can have ideas, but we have to get active, create awareness and make change happen.

Special Z Games is a 5K course with approximately twelve obstacles, covered with mud.  Participants can also choose to be a zombie, and help create the post-apocalyptic atmosphere. 10% of proceeds for the Special Z Games will benefit the Special Z games Foundation a 501(c)(3) non-profit public corporation.

Every ticket and merchandise purchased from Special Z Games will make an impact on helping families apply for scholarships to gain access to high-level advocates, assessors, attorneys or any other service a child in conflict with the public school system to get what they need. 10% of all proceeds from Special Z Games goes to Special Z Foundation to help families get high-level services outside of the public education system.

Special Z Games will take place January 23, 2016 at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds. For complete information, contact David Sholiton with the Special Z Games Foundation at 831-251-0731.