If you regularly participate in 5Ks, you most likely try to beat your previous record during your next race. You train hard to get faster and build more endurance, and when you see that you’ve completed the course at a better time than before, it gives you a great sense of accomplishment. At Special Z Games, we want to help people conquer their personal best while supporting the cause of empowering children and adults with special needs. Our zombie 5K is different than other races, and the sense of accomplishment you feel will be unique to any other race you’ve completed before.

Not only will you be running the course, you will also have to make your way through mud and over obstacles. This will obviously add to the time it takes to complete the race, but if you’ve never done a mud run before, you’ll be establishing a new personal best! If you feel that you can’t continue, or need help getting past an obstacle, we will have volunteers along the race route to help you conquer the next challenge.

If you’re traveling to San Jose from another state to participate in our zombie 5K, first of all we want to thank you. Secondly, we hope that you’ll come out to California and take time to see the area before race day. If you’d like to learn more about the Special Z Foundation and other ways that you can support our mission, we would love to speak with you.