Get Involved!

Special Z Games is looking for creative, energetic and dedicated individuals to support the Zombie Family Fun Mud Run. We are raising awareness for children and adults with special needs, as well as building funding by donating 10% of all proceeds to the Special Z Foundation so that families can apply for scholarships and get what their child or adult with special needs requires to be successful and be productive.

Volunteer Opportunities

Registration Table – Help people get organized, fill out paperwork and get ready to run/walk.

ZombieteersThese folks dress up like Zombies or dress as Zombie Killers to walk the course and provide the post-apocalyptic atmosphere. NO WEAPONS ALLOWED! Bring your best growl and zombie walk. There is absolutely NO TOUCHING of participating runners/walkers that are on the course. You are for show ONLY! There is NO Participation on the actual obstacles – Zombieteers are expected to walk around the obstacles and create the perfect atmosphere.

Obstacle Course Engineers & Builders

We need strong and dedicated volunteers to help immediately. Need creative people with ideas to come out and help design and build obstacles for our post-apocalyptic zombie fun mud run. This is our very first run, which means we are on a very limited budget. We can build very fun and cost effective obstacles for this race. There will be 3 mud pits and 9 obstacles. I have received some very wonderful ideas for cost effective ideas for the obstacles.

  1. Walls
  2. Storage containers on one side climbing up and then polls sliding down on the other side.
  3. Netting
  4. Tires
  5. Mounds
  6. Tubes to crawl through
  7. Teeter-totter

This list can be changed and modified at this point. All together we need 9 obstacles along with the 3 mud pits.

Water stationsYou can volunteer to work a water station so that everyone on the course stays properly hydrated.

Runner/Walker VolunteerSome participants may need assistance through the course. Some children or adults might need the encouragement of a mentor to keep going and/or ask the medical professionals for help as needed. It’s like having a big brother or sister for the course and you can help them make it to the finish line and receive a medal!

Games/Event Management TeamEvery event needs people to communicate information in order to keep everyone safe and happy on the course during the event. You will be assigned to a team leader for go-to instructions.

Welcome CommitteeThese folks will greet people and provide information as they enter the fairgrounds, hand out medals, and congratulate people at the finish line.

Fundraising – (18+) There is always room for people who are interested in raising funds for Special Z Foundation or getting sponsorships from businesses and/or private community members.

If you’re interested in volunteering for our Zombie 5K, contact Special Z Games today!